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Wonderpaws Festival & Paw Parade Sept 16 | Wonderfeet Kids Museum

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Wonderpaws Festival & Paw Parade Sept 16

Check out photos from this event by B. Farnham Photography

Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum 3rd Annual Wonderpaws Festival & Paw Parade, a community event for all ages to enjoy a day in downtown Rutland with their dogs presented by Pet Gear and media sponsor The Mountain Times, will be on Saturday, September 16, 2017, on Center Street from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. A free event for people, with a $10 registration fee for our four-legged canine friends. Join the excitement with your family whether you have a dog or not. The Paw Parade is scheduled for 12 p.m. with judging for the various doggy contest categories between 11 and noon.  A raffle of Pet Gear merchandise will be open to all.

Drawing Contest to be a Wonderpaws Kid Judge
Entries being accepted through September 11 at midnight.

And the winner is M. Vooris, age 9.

Navigate the Hay Maze
Go through the maze without the promise of finding a hidden treat or with the help of doggy deliciousness. Want to embark on a quest for kibble? One of our Hay Maze volunteers will give you a treat for your dog to smell.You can also try using hemp oil for cats and dogs to improve their mood and help them relax. The Wonderpaws volunteer will then hide the treat in the maze. Work with your dog to find the reward, having fun along the way. How fast can you and your dog move through the maze or complete your kibble quest?

Feeling hungry for your own reward?
Grab a hot dog lunch at the festival ($5 with chips and lemonade) or a tasty maple cremee from Vermont Truffle Company while you explore the other Festival activities offered. Still feeling hungry? The Vermont Farmer’s Market and local downtown eateries, such as Hop N’ Moose, are open. Why be left out when your dog is getting all the goods? There’s plenty of food for people and pets alike.

Obstacle Course
Awaken your dog’s inner Spartan with a run through our obstacle course. Built for kids and canines, the obstacles present a fun challenge for both two and four-legged contenders. And there is no mud involved! 99% guaranteed.

Scavenger Hunt
Help us solve a canine crime. Who stole Rut-Ro’s bone? You’ll be hot on the scent for clues scattered throughout the event space. If you brought your dog along, allow them to assist you by sniffing out clues and getting tasty treats along the way. The clues lead to the discovery of the culprit and the chance to “adopt” your very own stuffed dog. Pickup a copy of the scavenger hunt at the registration table.

Agility Demonstration
Check out the agility demonstration brought to you by The Upbeat K9 with Nathan Whitehorne at 12:45. Following the Wonderpaw’s Paw Parade, The Upbeat K9 will team up and show the working relationship between dog and trainer.

Book Reading
At the end of a busy Wonderpaws day, curl up and listen to a doggy “tail” at Phoenix Books (1:30).

Best Doggy Awards
Move over Fido, there’s a new dog in town. Think your dog has the wildest wag, is the best-dressed canine in our community, or is the smallest pooch on the block? Register your dog to compete in one or more Best Doggy Awards contest categories of your choice between 11 and noon. Strut your stuff in front of the judges and later during the Paw Parade as you join other owners and dogs on a short walk in downtown Rutland. Winner’s will be announced following the parade. Categories include…

  • Best Pooch Smooch – Slurp slurp slurp. This dog has kissing down to a fine art.
  • Best Voice – This should ‘speak’ for itself. The judges will be looking for that special howl, bark or musical number.
  • Best Pet/Owner Look-A-Like – Do you and your pet look similar? Go all out and dress alike for the competition!
  • Smallest Dog – If your pooch can fit in a purse, you may have this contest in the bag.
  • Best Dressed – Here’s your chance to let your pet “strut the runway” in his or her favorite outfit.
  • Most Entertaining – Tricks!
  • Wildest Wag – This dog wags its entire body!
  • Best smile – Does your dog grin, laugh, or smile from ear to ear? Showing all your canine teeth isn’t always a bad idea
  • Longest Tail – We might even have to break out the measuring tape for this one.
  • Shortest Legs -The seven dwarfs had nothing on this dog!
  • Most Mysterious Heritage – How many dogs may have contributed to your pet’s mix? A lab, spaniel, shepherd-poodle, bulldog?
  • Most Glamorous – Your dog can’t get enough of doggy bling.
  • Dog Float  – cart or wagon, non-motorized

Make dog treats to share with a dog you love or a dog that is looking for love at the Rutland County Humane Society. Festival participants may choose to keep or give the treats they make to the Humane Society. To learn more about the Rutland County Humane Society, visit their table at the Festival. Their very own Jen Giancola is one of Wonderpaws Festival’s contest judges.

Dog Masks and Doggy Ears
How about putting on your own “furry tail theater”? You’re in luck. We can help get you started with the creation of masks and doggy ears.

and more…

The Wonderpaw Festival fundraiser will directly benefit Wonderfeet for capital projects and the community with educational programs.

The event is free and open to the public. However, all dogs must register to attend the event.

Registration and $10 per dog fee include participation in the Paw Parade, a token of appreciation for all participants, be entered to win a mystery prize and the opportunity to win a judges’ choice award in categories such as best pet/owner look-a-like, most entertaining, wildest wag and much more. Pre-register here on the website. Review and/or download the Paw Parade Registration Form in advance so you have all the information you need for registration.

Registration at the event begins at 10 a.m. (Parade starts at noon)

Follow the event on Facebook for ongoing details.



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Rutland Veterinary Clinic & Surgical Center
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Upbeat K9
All Points Animal Hospital
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Grabowski Farm
Heritage Family Credit Union

Carpet Warehouse

Paw House Inn

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