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Thank you for supporting Wonderfeet. Before you make your contribution please take a moment to read more about the museum.

The stories that have become the foundation of Wonderfeet’s success are made possible by your generosity. Thanks to you Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum has grown into a significant and valued place for Rutland County residents and visitors alike. Families grow stronger and new connections are made every day…

A group of parents with their infants and toddlers comes into the museum. As each family files in the door, the air fills with the sound of adult voices exchanging hellos while children excitedly laugh as they see one another. Coats are shed, and the youngest children are freed to wiggle excitedly in the infant space. The toddlers rapidly move towards the diner ready to start cooking. The door opens again and hesitantly, another mom enters the museum with her children. Her eyes dart around the museum seeking a familiar face. One of the moms from the group breaks away from a conversation about introducing solid food to infants, to greet her and offer a hug. She takes the newcomer over to the group and a chorus of introductions occurs.

Your support enables Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum to be there for families. Your financial support enables us to offer free and reduced cost access for those in need in our community, promotes the museums’ continued growth, and helps us create learning experiences for early childhood programs, schools, and families. Your investment in Wonderfeet Kids’ museum allows us to host fanciful programs, attend community events, and remain a welcoming place where extraordinary moments never cease to occur.

With the calendar year winding down, the time has come to for us to appeal to your kindness and generosity, as well as your love of our children and community. Invest in the future by investing in our communities’ children. Any donation you make helps us celebrate everything Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum has grown to become and everything our community is working towards. We have four ways you can choose to support Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum. First, you can simply make a one-time donation of any amount.

Your support does not have to simply be a one time a year choice; your generosity now has the opportunity to be continual. We are excited to offer the option for Sustaining Giving where you can spread your donations over a year. Your donation of twenty, thirty, or fifty dollars a month will enable us to continue to be a play where families, children, and others come to learn and play. This support will enable us to plan and continue to grow to meet the needs of our community.

Should you be inspired to give in a way that encompasses the wonderous and playful spirit of Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum we encourage you to join our newest fundraiser and truly celebrate the season, community, and the museum by hosting a party as part of our first annual Cause for Celebration. See the enclosed sheet for further information.

Finally, you can choose to buy a day at Wonderfeet. The cost of opening our doors to the public is $200 per day. Make a donation in that amount and chose a day of the year. We will honor you, an individual or business of your choice by naming the day after them. This donation directly aids us in serving our community.

Thank you again for your support.