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Preorders are now closed

Thank you for your interest in Jones’ Donuts Purple Donut Days to benefit Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum! Pre-orders are now closed, but you will still be able to purchase your special edition Purple Donuts on Saturday, June 13 & Sunday, June 14 from 8am-11am.

If you are purchasing Purple Donuts, you may pull in to the IHM parking lot across the street from Jones’ Donuts. A volunteer will come to your car window to take your order. Cash is appreciated. You can purchase pints of Thomas Dairy milk or orange juice to go with your donuts. Wonderfeet merchandise such as t-shirts, water bottles, hats, and bumper stickers will also be available.

Only purchases of the special edition Purple Donuts benefit Wonderfeet. Other donuts will be available at the regular Jones’ drive-thru and you may make a donation to Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum there if you wish.