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Here, there, or anywhere! Hands-on STEM opportunities at Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum or in your classroom.

Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum can provide programs for hands-on STEM opportunities that meet the Next Generation Science Standards. Pre-visit and post-visit lessons and materials can be provided to incorporate the experience into your curricula. 


Program Offerings and Information:
All programs listed, aside from the Imagination Challenge, are available as an Outreach Program or a Field Trip. The Imagination Challenge is done solely as an Outreach Program. More information on specific programs can be found on the corresponding program’s page.

Motion Commotion
Investigate the science of force and motion with your class. Recommended for PreK through Kindergarten.

Light the Way
Students will explore questions about light and use their knowledge to engineer a device that uses light to communicate. Recommended for First Grade.

After exploring sound, students will use their knowledge to engineer a device that uses sound to communicate when modern technology is unavailable. Recommended for First Grade.

Bee-ing Helpful
Students will explore pollination before using their knowledge to engineer a device to help pollinate flowers. Recommended for Second Grade.

A Balancing Act: Forces                                                                                                       In this field trip, students will explore unbalanced and balanced forces. They will use a variety of recycled materials to create a mobile. Recommended for Third Grade.

Circuit Circus: Energy Conversion                                                                                  In this field trip, students will explore how electricity works and create a simple circuit. Then engineer a circus spectacle for all to see! Recommended for Fourth Grade.

Imagination Challenge
A set of oversized blue blocks like nothing your students have ever seen before. The Imagination Challenge helps teach communication, engineering, creative thinking, and problem solving. Recommended for PreK through Sixth Grade.


For further questions or to inquire about scheduling please contact the museum:
Call: 802-282-2678
Email: [email protected]
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