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Recommended for First Grade
Have you ever wondered how sound travels? What makes sounds different from each other? Why do some sounds hurt my ears? Have you ever SEEN a sound? Students will explore these questions and use their knowledge to engineer a device that uses sound to communicate when modern technology is unavailable

This program can be done at the museum and will include Museum free play as a Field Trip or it can be brought to the classroom as an Outreach Program. The Museum can accommodate up to 25 children at at time during a Field Trip. During an Outreach Program, Museum Educators can visit one or multiple classrooms throughout the day. Please visit the Program and Lending Costs page to determine the costs associated with this program.

All programs provide hands-on STEM opportunities and meet the Next Generation Science Standards. Pre-visit and post-visit lessons and materials will be provided to incorporate the experience into your curricula.

Program Time: 45-60 minutes, 90 minutes if including Museum free play

Reservations: Please contact the museum to schedule your program.
Call: 802-282-2678
Email: [email protected]
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