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Homeschool Club

Tinker, create, and explore.

Homeschool Club

The 2nd Monday of the Month
September – June
9am – 2pm

Opportunity for homeschool families
A time for homeschool students to tinker, create, and explore science concepts at Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum. This school year the Homeschool Club will be exploring the broad topics of Animals (September – December), Astronomy (January – March), and Earth Systems (May & June). Each broad topic has been broken down further to be explored during each session. Financial Literacy is also integrated throughout the year and each session in various forms. Pre-registration is required and can be done using the form at the bottom of this page when registration is available.

So far, this year we have investigated insects birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, astronomy, geology, and hydrology! We are excited to finish the year with a Living Museum and a celebration of a productive year.

June 10, 2019 – Living History Museum and Celebration

History comes alive at our next homeschool day as we celebrate our year and individuals who have had a positive influence on the world through art, science, math, technology, or engineering. Homeschool participants will spend time over the next month preparing for the Living Museum with or without support from WKM volunteers. On June 10th from 9-12, kids will share their presentations with each other and prepare for their guests and celebratory reception to follow starting at 12:15. This interactive event, highlighting people integral to developments in STEAM around the world, will incorporate research, creativity, and more. See below for the guidelines for our Living Museum and more details on the event.

WKM Living Museum Guidelines:

  • Choose a famous historical person to research, prepare a research poster display, and choose or develop an experiment to show (or do with) guests.
  • Develop a short speech (in first-person) that summarizes the life and influence of the famous historical person. Participants don’t have to memorize their speech but are encouraged to do so.  The use of note cards is permitted.
  • The selected historical person must be someone who has done something significant in history and is generally thought to have made a positive contribution to society.  The famous person can be someone who is still alive.
  • Dress in costume to portray the subject, dressing as the chosen person. This costume should accurately convey information about the subject and the time period in which they lived to the best of your ability. Assume the identity of the historical figure and have fun!
  • Create a display or backdrop easily read and understood by guests three or four feet away.  The famous person’s name must be prominently displayed in large letters. Consider including a timeline, map, photos or drawings, and quotes.
  • One of us will contact you via email to ask for the name of the historical figure chosen.

A Few More Details:

  • While most of the work for the Living Museum will be done by kids at home, we are providing four planning days/times during which participants may come to the museum and receive support. Volunteers will be available to help with any part of the planning process – from research to costume ideas or poster creation. Bring supplies (we’ll have computers and will also go to the library) and come for a focused time of preparation for the Living Museum.
  • If you plan on attending a planning day please fill out the form at the following URL: Although this is on our Volunteer Sign-Up Page it is specifically for children to sign up for work periods. This will help staff prepare for how many kids will be coming and their specific projects.


Cost (single class):

$20 per student
$15 per student for your second child
$10 per student for any additional children

Additional Information:
Who: Students ages 6 and up
Where: Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum
Bring: Nut-free snack and lunch
Please note: Limited to the first 15 students signed up

Homeschool Club Registration

For more information about this program contact:
Paula Townsend, Education Coordinator
[email protected] | 802-282-2678
Sarah Vooris, Homeschool Volunteer
[email protected]
* Homeschool Day is a drop-off activity at the museum. However, caregivers who are interested in co-teaching/facilitating or leading a future club, please contact Sarah.