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Homeschool Club

Tinker, create, and explore.

Homeschool Club

The 2nd Monday of the Month
September – June
9am – 2pm

Opportunity for homeschool families
A time for homeschool students to tinker, create, and explore science concepts at Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum. This school year the Homeschool Club will be exploring the broad topics of Animals (September – December), Astronomy (January – March), and Earth Systems (May & June). Each broad topic has been broken down further to be explored during each session. Financial Literacy is also integrated throughout the year and each session in various forms.

Stay tuned for more information on the 4-day intensive in April!

Animal – Insects
September 10, 2018

Crawl, jump, or fly into the school year with us as we begin our Wonderfeet Homeschool Days with an emphasis on zoology. September 10th finds us investigating animals in class Insecta. Insects! Observe a variety of insects, dissect grasshoppers, conduct experiments to better understand insect adaptations, animate your own insect creation, and more as we study as Entomologists. Let the metamorphosis of our minds begin!

Animals – Birds
October 8, 2018

Animals – Mammals
November 12, 2018

Animals – Reptiles & Amphibians
December 10, 2018



January 14, 2018
February 11, 2018
March 11, 2018


Earth Systems

May 13, 2018
June 10, 2018


Cost (single class):

$20 per student
$15 per student for your second child
$10 per student for any additional children

Additional Information:
Who: Students ages 6 and up
Where: Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum
Bring: Nut-free snack and lunch
Please note: Limited to the first 15 students signed up

For more information about this program contact:
Paula Townsend, Education Coordinator
[email protected] | 802-282-2678
Sarah Vooris, Homeschool Volunteer
[email protected]
* Homeschool Day is a drop-off activity at the museum. However, caregivers who are interested in co-teaching/facilitating or leading a future club, please contact Sarah.