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New! Virtual Field Trips

Teachers can share these videos and activities designed by Wonderfeet’s education team. Our team is also offering “Virtual Field Trips” where our educators will join your class in a live Google Classroom to discuss your student’s findings, answer questions, and provide additional activities. Contact education coordinator Paula Townsend to schedule, paulat@wkmvt.org

Beeing Helpful: Learn about Pollinators Bee ing Helpful- Investigate the science of pollination. You will design a device to solve the problem. This program provides hands-on STEM opportunities and meets the NGSS. 2-LS2-2 – Develop a simple model that mimics the function of an animal in dispersing seeds or pollinating plants.

Motion Commotion: Learn about Force and Motion During this experiment students will explore force and motion. They will design a ramp use various recycled materials and round objects of their choice. They will investigate how the height of a ramp can change how fast and far the objects can go. They could also consider variables such as weight of round objects and texture of material used and surface of ramp.