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Bee-ing Helpful (2nd Grade)

Second Grade – Bee-ing Helpful
Have you ever wondered how an apple tree makes apples? What is that yellow powder in the center a flower? Why are there so many different kinds of flowers? Have you ever wished you could be a bee? In this field trip, students will explore these questions and use their knowledge to engineer a device to help pollinate flowers.

All programs provide hands-on STEM opportunities and meet the Next Generation Science Standards. Pre-visit and post-visit lessons and materials will be provided to incorporate the experience into your curricula.

Cost: $5 per student, one adult per 5 kids free, additional adults $5
Reservations: Call to book your time
Class size: The museum can only accommodate one class up to 20 students at a time. If you want to share a bus with a second class we recommend one class visit the Energy Innovation Center and then switch places. You will need to call to reserve your time there.
Program/Museum Time: One and a half hours


Call 802-282-2678 e-mail [email protected] or filling out the inquiry form below.

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