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Light the Way (1st Grade)

First Grade – Light the Way
Have you ever wondered how light travels from one point to another? What makes a shadow? Why does light shine better through some objects than others? Have you ever experienced TOTAL darkness? In this field trip, students will explore these questions and use their knowledge to engineer a device that uses light to communicate.

All programs provide hands-on STEM opportunities and meet the Next Generation Science Standards. Pre-visit and post-visit lessons and materials will be provided to incorporate the experience into your curricula.

Cost: $5 per student, one adult per 5 kids free, additional adults $5
Reservations: Call to book your time
Class size: The museum can only accommodate one class up to 20 students at a time. If you want to share a bus with a second class we recommend one class visit the Energy Innovation Center and then switch places. You will need to call to reserve your time there.
Program/Museum Time: One and a half hours


Call 802-282-2678 e-mail [email protected] or filling out the inquiry form below.

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