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Developmental Experiences at Exhibits

Our exhibits foster curiosity and exploration, inspire creativity and engage the imagination through play. As you play with your children you will discover new ways they demonstrate their creativity, social interaction and problem-solving skills. Explore. Create. Imagine.


loon-photo-block-exhibitBlock Puzzleimg_0300
This nine-block soft sculpture gives children the opportunity to manipulate large blocks in a fun way. These blocks can form six different images of Vermont wildlife.

  • Younger children will carry, stack and build structures developing gross motor skills
  • Older children will be able to work six different puzzles



reading-chair-exhibitReading Chair

This unique chair made out of books by Camp Betsy Cox provides a place for kids to look at or read books in a special space.

  • Develop literacy skills
  • Engage the imagination through reading

A big thank you goes out to Camp Betsy Cox for this wonderful chair.





Clay Modeling Table

This unique clay modeling experience gives children of all ages the opportunity to explore their creative side.

  • Encourages self-expression and creativity
  • Engages the imagination
  • Builds self-confidence


This collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts, and ropes allows children to follow their curiosity through play while learning 21st century STEAM skills.

  • Encourages creativity
  • Engages children in collaborative play
  • Grows critical thinking skills





Infant Toddler Space

This is experience is specially set up for children birth through two years old with a variety of developmental experiences.

  • Developing gross motor skills
    • Crawling
    • Pulling up
    • Crawling over and under
  • Identifying colors and shapes
  • Determining cause and effect


Sensory Table

This sensory experience gives even the youngest children the opportunity to explore textures.

  • Manipulate sand or other substances to discover their properties
  • Use tools to measure and pour
  • Develop an understanding of full and empty
  • Develop fine motor skills


Color table – magnetic shapes

This experience gives kids the opportunity to explore color and shapes.

  • Learn shapes and colors
  • Explore how two colors together make a new color
  • Construct a structure with the magnetic shapes
  • Develop fine motor skills


LEGO technology

This experience gives kids and parents the opportunity to construct a variety of vehicles.

  • Connect and build vehicle structures
  • Use tools
  • Develop fine motor skills


Creative Art Space

This experience gives kids the opportunity to create with a variety of media.

  • Develop fine motor skills by using various art tools
  • Learn colors
  • Create works of art


Wind Tunnel

This experience gives children the opportunity to experiment with wind.  

  • Experiment with how scarves fly in the tunnel
  • Create a flying machine with art supplies
  • Predict how a creation will fly in the tunnel
  • Observe and analyze experiments
  • Make adjustments to creations as needed



This experience gives kids the opportunity to role-play, and experiment in a variety of ways.

  • Role-play being an engineer or mechanic – driving and fixing the train
  • Explore gears
  • Explore convex and concave mirrors
  • Make music and create sound
  • Build a train track


Farmer’s Market

This experience gives kids the opportunity to role-play and learn about healthy foods.

  • Sort and classify foods by food groups
  • Name different types of foods
  • Role-play buying and selling foods
  • Follow directions for shopping lists
  • Identify money denominations



This experience gives children the opportunity to role-play as chefs or eating at the diner counter.

  • Sort and organize foods
  • Create dishes and meals
  • Identify and use money to buy and sell food
  • Role-play running or eating at a diner


Magnetic Wall

This experience gives kids the opportunity to experiment with inclined planes and how balls move.

  • Design ramp pathways
  • Predict how the balls will move through pathways
  • Make observations and analyze experiment



This experience gives families the opportunity to explore with light.

  • Create art with flash lights on the walls
  • Experiment with shadows


Construction Zone

This experience gives kids the opportunity to design and build structures with various over-sized building materials.

  • Experiment with how the materials fit together
  • Design and build structures


LEGO / Robot Space

This experience gives kids and their families the opportunity to design and build with LEGO’s and experiment with robots.

  • Design and build LEGO cars to race down the track
  • Predict which car will go the fastest
  • Make observations and analyze results
  • Experiment with various robots
  • Program your own LEGO creation


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